Car with 2 separate steering wheels!

12 feb 2019
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Test it tuesday! A car with two steering wheels! Is it driveable or will it break in two?
Technical components:
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Locking washers:
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  • Is dat 1van die Belgische rijles locaties ofzo?

    Ricky107Ricky107Mese fa
  • CEO of getting straight to the point

    PreepsPreepsMese fa
  • no need for geometry steering alingment, just need a buddy and another steering wheel

    Wolf The WeirdoWolf The Weirdo2 mesi fa
  • How to break a tye rod 101

    Owen BorgOwen Borg2 mesi fa
  • Make another But the back wheel are The ones steering

    SimonEzekielYTSimonEzekielYT2 mesi fa
  • .qfsaajdjdwyd

    tadek nowaktadek nowak2 mesi fa
  • Is that duch language?

    Arminas StrazdasArminas Strazdas2 mesi fa
  • Top gear Europe: Top gear Russia garage 45

    KennethVGKennethVG2 mesi fa
  • i was literally thinking this too days ago

    your Bitchyour Bitch2 mesi fa
  • Mercedes DAS

    nogardsietenogardsiete2 mesi fa
  • When Russian Federation doesn't allow Right Handed vehicles:

    danvexwxdanvexwx3 mesi fa
  • That car deserves an award.... Something like Nobel

    Muhammed Ramees P AMuhammed Ramees P A3 mesi fa
  • 2:43, rustig aan alle kanten op sturen🤣

    RovergirlRovergirl3 mesi fa
  • When you think English means american

    BYTΛHBYTΛH3 mesi fa
  • What is next two power trains

    ArticlegaminArticlegamin3 mesi fa
  • that dog looks so happy with that plastic part

    LevatskiLevatski3 mesi fa
  • Vind wel dat je die kap op de slijptol moet doen

    daan -daan -4 mesi fa
  • My comments are broken

    Sambuko 100Sambuko 1004 mesi fa
  • Universal Englang/EU steering wheel

    Sambuko 100Sambuko 1004 mesi fa
  • Can they try to make two steering wheels work both for all front wheels would be nice for auto school starters

    Express FaxExpress Fax4 mesi fa
  • So.. if you want to say Eight In Nederlands i will teach you. It is.... Acht!

    YouAreFake Shark PuppetYouAreFake Shark Puppet4 mesi fa
  • Opel is Opel

    Jose MiguelJose Miguel4 mesi fa
  • Eu sou o único BRASILEIRO que veio pesquisar "carro com dois volantes"? Kkkl

    Henrycko JhonnesHenrycko Jhonnes4 mesi fa
    • Somos 2 kakakakakakak

      MikeeLess 2347MikeeLess 23474 mesi fa
  • 4:01 ik ga naar links zegt ie, terwijl hij naar rechts wijst XD

    Peter SeliePeter Selie6 mesi fa
  • Now just put a second engine, transmission, and shifter in! One for each wheel.

    SinisigSinisig6 mesi fa
  • This takes the Mercedes DAS to another level

    Marco FasanoMarco Fasano8 mesi fa
  • Mkae a carr taht can teel a gud joke

    RV gamezRV gamez9 mesi fa
  • 🤣🔥👏🏼

    Mohamed zadhilMohamed zadhil9 mesi fa
  • Un carro con 6 llantas

    Mauren GomezMauren Gomez10 mesi fa
  • I have opel corsa b

    Cris InfiniteCris Infinite10 mesi fa
  • this is synchronized driving .

    Abd Aziz Abd HamidAbd Aziz Abd Hamid10 mesi fa
  • jedna strana druga strana, jedan auto 2 vilana ko tu pije ko tu placa

    PetraPetra11 mesi fa
  • Corsa americano é igual o corsa brasileiro

    FoGo Gamer. {ADPS}FoGo Gamer. {ADPS}11 mesi fa
  • I saw something like this on adultswim when I was little and it terrified me for some reason.

    TheJooomesTheJooomes11 mesi fa
  • if this vehicle is a rear-wheel drive, your modification would be simpler to mess with

    Boris LiBoris Li11 mesi fa
  • His smile is priceless

    only LS1 and 2jzonly LS1 and 2jz11 mesi fa
  • Hola mamá que tal como esta el campeón mundial

  • mate please speak english

    Harry-James O'BrienHarry-James O'Brien11 mesi fa
    • He's a dutch youtuber, he's not english

      LoxresLoxres6 mesi fa
  • Wie man euch einfach gar nicht versteht

    Andre SchleiferAndre Schleifer11 mesi fa
  • In morocco the driving test car has 2 steering wheels for the savety

    Moroccan PatriotMoroccan Patriot11 mesi fa
  • أنا أخوكم فقير في حالة الموت أحتاج إلى مساعدة بوضع لايك لمعالجتي إن كنتم صالحين

    GAME TrabelsiGAME Trabelsi11 mesi fa
  • Your videos are so uncomfortable to watch because in every theres mug, dirt and wet weather

    michumichuAnno fa
  • 4:00 haha ik ga naar links maar ijgelijk is dat rechts

    Nurten OzaktanNurten OzaktanAnno fa
  • Polska przejmije teren!!!!!

    Speak BandSpeak BandAnno fa
  • Goblok

    ki_raiden Metalki_raiden MetalAnno fa
  • 2:36 THE CAR IS BURNING!!!

    Acim 009Acim 009Anno fa
  • Dit, maar dan met een auto met achterwielaandrijving, zodat je beter door kunt blijven rijden als beide voorwielen een andere kant op staan

    Remco den OudenRemco den OudenAnno fa
  • Cut the muffler and make it loud

    NoMxrcyNoMxrcyAnno fa
  • jullie zijn ontzettend leuk ...

    Denis' mini GarageDenis' mini GarageAnno fa
  • R.I.P

    BlackyBoyJackyBlackyBoyJackyAnno fa
  • Hi you are my favourite channel I think you should make a car with a tractor engine

    alex pleyz playzalex pleyz playzAnno fa
  • Yes gla

    Rumkit TubarkahRumkit TubarkahAnno fa
  • Yes gla

    Rumkit TubarkahRumkit TubarkahAnno fa
  • Good job, boys. You have one of my favorite new channels now.

    maa-iin-gun Bmaa-iin-gun BAnno fa
  • Idea: Modify the direction system to turn almost 90° left and right :D that would be great for parking and driving in small places ps: Forgive my english!

    YuliYuliAnno fa
  • 2:42. Is that a fire in the footwell?

    Hugo BurtonHugo BurtonAnno fa
  • They’ve got this in Guam are next door neighbor

    Yakumi 零Yakumi 零Anno fa
  • 2 brake pedals, 2 brakes each

    Adam HarringtonAdam HarringtonAnno fa
  • Awd car with all locked , welded differential ...

  • oh no

  • Car with two handbrakes

    KumārītājsKumārītājsAnno fa
  • Be diyonuz amq

  • I think this language i half german and half english Is that correct?

    twenty_ nine_twenty_ nine_Anno fa
  • Take it to an alignmentshop

    Tobbe LobbeTobbe LobbeAnno fa
  • Kan je rijden met maar 1 bout in de wielen?

    Wim DikkemaWim DikkemaAnno fa
  • May I ask what country you are in? Been a fan for a long time now, West Coast US.

    Inverted 311Inverted 311Anno fa
    • If I remember correctly, they are from netherlands

      Kalle TaimiKalle TaimiAnno fa
  • Dirk zij ik ga naar links maar hij wees naar rechts 😂

    Daan skuhDaan skuhAnno fa
  • When steering right, make the car go left....try that !

    m schiffelm schiffelAnno fa
    • @Dancan Dancos No it isn't...just turn the rack upside down.

      m schiffelm schiffelAnno fa
    • its impossible

      Dancan DancosDancan DancosAnno fa
  • 4:00 Dirk: "ik ga naar links", en wijst naar rechts. Yep, dit gaat een succes worden.

    windmill1965windmill1965Anno fa
  • Ik wist niet eens dat dit nederlands was lol

    r2b10r6r2b10r6Anno fa
  • is this german?

    iiKraZyforJeepsiiKraZyforJeepsAnno fa
  • Aan elkaar gebouwd mag ook of 2 motor motor in een auto hahaha

    Ryan PetersRyan PetersAnno fa
  • Auto met 2 motors

    Ryan PetersRyan PetersAnno fa
  • 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜😗😗😀

  • 1234минут шугугуоуооуо

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  • #dutchInventor

    ScaniaTruckLoverScaniaTruckLoverAnno fa
  • Een auto 4sturen

    Cynthia Van AertCynthia Van AertAnno fa
  • Two steering wheels, one controls the front axle & the other the rear axle..

    Simon ErrockSimon ErrockAnno fa
  • Weld the spider gears to the axle gears. I know you can.

  • buurman & buurman in het echt

    Jop van BreukelenJop van BreukelenAnno fa
  • Why do you have these video in Spanish?

    Stefano CollicaStefano CollicaAnno fa
  • 1 1

    Kamen MijaylovKamen MijaylovAnno fa
  • *Zo zie je maar dat bij autorijden een gezonde dictatuur best prima is* Gold xD

    Eljakim De ClerckEljakim De ClerckAnno fa
  • Tem cuatos carros

    Patricia SilvaPatricia SilvaAnno fa
  • Lmao at first i though they just had an accent that a couldnt understand

    DarkWolfGamingDarkWolfGamingAnno fa
  • Pacific Rims

    Francesco GugliuzzaFrancesco GugliuzzaAnno fa
  • rip tires

    Maciej BudzyńskiMaciej BudzyńskiAnno fa
  • Hahahah leuke experimenten

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  • Erst einmal nach deutschem Untertitel gesucht... das ist doch wohl eine verarsche

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  • Corsa

    Lukas 7w7Lukas 7w7Anno fa
  • No steering at the front of the car use the rear to steer like on a forklift should make nice fwd drifting

    Cb1ActiveCb1ActiveAnno fa
  • Is the unic form for than a Opel can right...

    sergi labrador garciasergi labrador garciaAnno fa
  • donation for reapair corsa

  • Use petrol as engine oil

    Sosig YoutubeSosig YoutubeAnno fa
  • Waar ergens is dit terrein? Ik wil ook wat leuke shit met auto's proberen :)

    R GR GAnno fa
  • Geen bescherm kap geen beschermbril met het slijpen goed bezig als die schijf klapt heb je de scherven door je gezicht heen

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  • Co tam słychać dziewczynki 😎

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  • 6:06 wanneer je onderweg bent naar de McDonalds

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  • Goed voor de bandenboer.

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